Investiture 2016-17

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“The quality of leaders is reflected in the standards they set for themselves”- Ray Kroc
The Indian School hosted its Investiture Ceremony on 25th April 2016 in the School hall to mark the appointment of the new student council for the academic year 2016-17. It was a solemn occasion which witnessed the vesting of responsibility in our young new student leaders. Avantika Choda and Sharanya Sai, the hosts for the morning’s proceedings began the show by welcoming the assembly. The School choir then soulfully sang the Ganesh Vandana.
Principal Ms. Joshi addressed the gathering and pointed out how a leader exists in each of us. The quality lies quietly in several of us, waiting to be entreated out! While some lead from the front, others are more suited to leading from the back. Neither is a lesser leader she emphasised. She claimed with much pride that she is disbelieves that leaders are born and not made and we at our School continuously attempt to make the leaders. While wishing the new council success, she expressed her desire to see the spirited council take effective charge.

Chairperson Mr.Prafull Goradia shared his views on leadership. He shared a thought provoking idea from a newspaper article he had written some years ago. He said a cricket team of 11 players, in actuality has a strength of 53 players, provided each player can bat or bowl with both hands etc. He pointed out how the sum total can become exponentially greater by sheer synergy. But each player must first ensure that he maximises his individual abilities! And for this this there isn’t a shortcut for perseverance and motivation.
The School choir then sang the uplifting ‘ Brave’ by Sarah Bareilles, which befitted the occasion as it reminded that each one of us should persist despite difficult predicaments.
The outgoing council then marched up the wide central aisle in a procession and placed back their flags to relinquish responsibility. Simultaneously and matching step, the new council members filed in to assemble on the dais. Dr. Nayana Goradia and senior members at the assembly then decorated the new flag bearers. Thereafter, Head Girl Shivali Anand administered the oath to the new council members who pledged excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, to adhere to the values of perseverance, honesty and to lead their fellow students on the path of accountability so that the flag of The Indian School always stays aloft.
Head boy Shubham Airi delivered the vote of thanks and the ceremony concluded with the citizenship anthem followed by the School song. A momentous journey had just begun.

Pratishtha Kohli(XII-C).

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