Investiture 2018-19

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The Investiture ceremony 2018-19 was held on 5th May 2018 in the School auditorium. The deserving students of the senior and junior wings were wrested with the responsibility of leading their peers as role models. The Principal, Vice Principals and Head Teachers as well as members of the PTA were in attendance.

The ceremony is held each year to induct the fresh senior and junior councils. Responsibility is itself is a great teacher and hereby qualities of leadership are born. The ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that School consigns in the newly inducted office- bearers. Donning the mantle of accountability, the students also pledge to do their duties to the best of their abilities.

Satwik Mitra, class XII-D and Anoushka Basu, class XI-B were our able comperes at the event. As they announced the names of the new office bearers, they also read out their achievements.

The proceedings commenced with the School choir singing a bandish set to the ‘teen taal’ of the Raga Vrindavani Sarang. It culminated with Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s timeless song of freedom-‘Ekla Chalo Re’. The soulful rendition of both framed the important occasion.

The Principal congratulated the new office bearers and encouraged them to tirelessly
persist to be models for others to follow. They must always hold precious the values of School.

A beautiful Odissi presentation titled ‘Mokshya’ followed the Principal’s address. Mokshya literally means salvation. Odissi being dedicatory in essence, the movements signify man seeking to attain salvation with lyrical movements and sculpturesque poses. The audience spontaneously applauded the creative effort.

The new councils were decorated with badges and sashes. Their faces gleamed as they posed for the photographs. Parents and peers in the audience could be heard loudly cheering in delight and pride! It was indeed a proud moment for all.

The council members for 2018-19 are:
Senior            Junior
Head Boy Sarim Husain Dheer Malhotra
Head Girl Avantika Chodha Srishti Boral
Discipline Captain Akshat Sharma Mehar Oberoi
Discipline Vice Captain Shrey Gogia
Sports Captain Aansh Gupta Bhumika Puri
Sports Vice Captain Divij Bhargava
Co-curricular Captain Anas Arif Tarika Chima
Co-curricular Vice Captain Dhriti Chaterjee
Editorial Captain Samarth Saxena Kamreen Zehra
Editorial Vice Captain Gauri Awasthi
Ideation Captain Jatin Gupta Pritisha Mohapatra
Ideation Vice Captain Darsh Kumar
Campus Management Mallika Mukim
Life Skills and Wellness Captain Reva Kalra Sriyah Arora
Life Skills and Wellness Vice Captain Krithi Bajaj
Citizenship Captain Aatif Husain Adhrit Banerjee
Citizenship Vice Captain Vanshita Sethi
Chandra House Captain Gitansh Satija Namrit Kapoor
Chandra House Vice Captain Gunraj Singh
Varun House Captain Khyati Karana Pranay Singh Sethi
Varun House Vice-Captain Aditya Bhandoh
Indra House Captain Sharanya Sai Roopkatha Bandyopadhyay
Indra House Vice captain Aman Chatlani
Surya House Captain Nitya Soni Sonam Lhadon
Surya House Vice Captain Raunak Maini

Head Boy, Sarim Husain proposed a vote of thanks. He thanked all the teachers for giving the the opportunity to develop leadership skills and assured everyone that the council would prove worthy of the trust reposed.

The programme concluded with the School song.

Ms. Suhina Roshangar.

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