Investiture Ceremony, 2012-13.

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Investiture Ceremony, 2012-13.

“Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

- Harold R Mc Alindon.

The Investiture ceremony for the session 2012-13 was yet again a special occasion where School entrusted upcoming leaders. The older council by tradition, relinquished responsibility to the new council in grace and by example. The received the responsibility, with a pledge to preserve the pride of School.

The auspicious ceremony began with a musical rendition of a string of shlokas by the School choir. Dr. Mrs. Nayana Goradia, vice-chairperson and Mr. Lal Raisinghani, director, alongwith teachers and parents of the office-bearers were present to bless the proceeding.

Principal ma’am welcomed the guests and announced the names of the new council members. Anmol Arora and Amrita Dutta were named Senior Head boy and Head girl respectively followed by Shiv Gupta and Krithi Bajaj, Junior Head boy and Head girl respectively. By turn then, house-captains were named and took their pledges.

Each member had the proud privilege of the School sash and badge and not one missed the myriad and weighty meaning that both carried. It was simultaneously a moment of pride and of humbleness. Of authority with accountability. And above all service.


We, the student council of The Indian School for the academic year 2012-13 do, hereby solemnly pledge to uphold and follow the rules and regulations set by our dear school.

We promise to be worthy torch bearers of our beloved school, by adhering to the values of honesty, perseverance, team work and service before self.

We commit ourselves to the principles of precept in all we do.

We vow to respect our school property and the nation’s larger environment in leading our fellow students on the path of accountability.

Above all, we pledge to strive in the spirit of excellence in academics, sports and co-curricular activities, so that we may keep the flag of The Indian School, always, flying high.

Following are the Members of the Council :

1. Head Boy Anmol Arora XII A

2.Head Girl – Amrita Dutta XII C

3. Discipline Captain Boys – Utkarsh Phooli XII A

4. Discipline Captain Girls – Sayesha Ahluwalia XII B

5. Sports Captain Boys – Sandeep Sancheti XII A

6. Sports Captain Girls – Shubhra Sharma XII B

7. Chandra House Captain – Umang Sharma Bajpai XII C

8. Indra House Captain – Mukul Rautela XII C

9. Surya House Captain – Navneet Kaur XII B

10. Varun House Captain – Devanshi Saini XII A

11. Editorial Captain Boys – Asis Mansingh XII A

12. Editorial Captain Girls – Sonali Sharma XII B

13. Co-Curricular Captain Boys – Sharan Gera XII A

14. Co-Curricular Captain Girls – Aishwarya Tewary XII C

15. Sports Vice Captain Boys – Maneet Singh XI A

16. Sports Vice Captain Girls – Shristi Chatterjee XI A

17. Chandra House Vice Captain – Sahil Sarna XI A

18. Indra House Vice Captain – Anubha Saggar XI B

19. Surya House Vice Captain – Akhilesh Mukherjee XI A

20. Varun House Vice Captain – Sanjula Sethi XI C

21. Discipline Vice Captain – Nakul Chodha XI A

22. Co-Curricular Vice Captain – Kriti Dang XI C

23. Life Skills & Wellness Captain – Gaurav Aswani XI A

24. Life Skills & Wellness Captain – Pavas Navani XI A

25. Head Boy (Jr.) – Shiv Gupta V C

26. Head Girl (Jr.) – Krithi Bajaj V D

27. Discipline Captain Boys (Jr.) – Divij Bhargava V C

28. Discipline Captain Girls(Jr.) – Madhavi Bahuguna V C

29. Sports Captain Boys (Jr.) – Anmol Singh V B

30. Sports Captain Girls (Jr.) – Vamani Gupta V D

31. Chandra House Captain (Jr.) – Prerna Sahni V B

32. Indra House Captain (Jr.) – Gauri Awasthi V C

33. Surya House Captain (Jr.) Vanya Chadha V B

34. Varun House Captain (Jr.) – Chitvan V B

35. Editorial Captain Boys (Jr.) – Dhairya Sachdeva V E

36. Editorial Captain Girls (Jr.) – Parul S Malawalia V B

37. Co-Curricular Captain Boys (Jr.) – Aravind P Ashok V C

38. Co-Curricular Captain Girls (Jr.) – Pratyksha Gupta V A

As Reported by Sonali Sharma of Class XII-B and Ummang Sharma Bajpai of Class XII-C

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