Learning science in play at the School Eco Park- class 5.

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On 18th November 2016, students of class 5C, with their teachers, paid a visit to the School Eco Park. Delighted by the natural beauty of the surroundings, as they alighted from their buses, the students slowly made their way through the park in the gentle early winter breeze. The

vegetable beds looked abundant and the children were shown how winter vegetables are sown and then harvested. They saw how carrots, radish, spinach, brinjal and coriander are grown and They even got a chance to pick some of the ready vegetables to carry home.

Next, the students walked towards the life sized science models which offer a hands’-on demonstration of several basic principles of science. Reflecting mirrors, musical tubes, parabolic dishes, a DNA model, angular momentum, mass and inertia, the double ended cone, crystal structure, a third order and solar panels were some of the themes for learning there. The children ‘played’ with the models ( as intended by their design ) to ‘absorb by experience’, several concepts taught in the classroom.

The fresh outdoors at the park provided a welcome getaway from the pollution of the city, besides a learning for real, as it were.

Ms. Monika Singh.

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