Macmillan Education awards

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Macmillan Education India held an award ceremony for the “Macmillan Budding Scientist Award 2018” on 2 March, 2019. This was attended by two teachers of our School, Darshana Srivastava and Kriti Chhabra. The ceremony was testament to the power of innovative thinking and young ideas.

The programme began on an auspicious note with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by a dance performance. Director, Mr. Sanjeev Goswami welcomed the guests and all the enthusiastic participants. Guest of Honour, Mr Aditya Mittal, head of Biological Sciences (IIT Delhi), inspired the students to soar higher and sharpen their talents.

Participants from ten schools from all over India were selected for the final round and brought forth many fresh ideas and innovations. Some of the topics were- Hydraulic Magic Track, Robotic Dog, Tiffin Box Heater, Fantastic Speed Breaker, Panchagavya Cowpathy etc. The participants took the stage with confidence enthralled the audience with their remarkable talent.

The judges, Prof. Ashok Ganguly ( Prof of Chemistry at IIT Delhi), Mr. Jyoti Parekh ( head of Anweshna Science Heritage) and noted economist Dr. Kaushik R Bandyopadhyay lauded the students for their achievements and encouraged all to continue participating in such contests.

The last session comprised of a Science Communication Workshop. This session threw light on the problems that impact everyone.

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