Meet the Author-Ashwin Sanghi

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“A myth is a lie that reveals the truth.”

This was very befittingly coined by Mr. Ashwin Sanghi who is India’s one of the bestselling conspiracy fiction writers, known for his books based on historical, theological and mythological themes. On 2 May, 2019 Aryan Singh and Vedika Srivastava of class XI got an opportunity to attend a session with Mr Ashwin Sanghi at Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar.

In his address, the author took the audience on a mystical ride as he spoke of some lesser known facts and connections. He spoke about how real life incidents inspired and influenced his writing style. Recalling his childhood, he explained how he is from a typical Marwari-baniya family and from an early age was associated with business, finance and such things. He said that his life was nothing like a writer’s but his maternal grandfather would constantly encourage him to read. This eventually introduced him to his creative side.

When he decided that he wanted to be a writer and revealed this to his friends asking for their advice, they quoted the famous saying, “There are three rules for writing a novel… unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” Thus, he started his storytelling journey. Although he was rejected a lot of times, he did not lose hope and finally, his books were published and he got the fruit of his patience and hard work!

Mr Sanghi talked about how we can see a much bigger picture provided we are able to connect the various links associated with it. By connecting things we see in everyday life and using common sense, we can achieve wonders. He stated many such wonders, the Shivalinga, Hara and Hari, Rozabal, Hindu trinities, the numbers 108 and 5, Aryan invasion were some them. He also explained how if we connect mythology and history, it becomes a mystery. He shared many thought provoking and invigorating ideas. There were many interesting histories and myths that he talked about which were very enticing.

In the end, he concluded by saying, “Mythology is like a game of Chinese Whispers. What goes in at one end of the human circle is rarely what emerges at the other end.” The experience was a great one and allowed us to view our country, traditions and its history in a different way altogether!

Vedika Srivastava, XI-C

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