Mindsmart Peer Education workshop

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The second of the four Mindsmart peer education workshops organised by Expressions India was conducted on Friday, 16 May 2019 at the National Science Centre. Arav Dimri, Tanya Trehan, Shruti Negi from XI-E and Damak Saxena of IX-D were selected from our School to attend the same.

The workshop began with a discussion lead by Dr. Jitendra Nagpal on the topics selected for the session. The topics were:

Understanding and Coping with Emotions -Anger, Loss & Sadness, Gender Sensitisation Being Responsible, Preventing Substance Abuse and Allied High Risk Behaviours. All the peer educators shared their thoughts and gave inputs for better and clearer understanding of the chosen topics.

The team members of the host group discussed the results of the feedback forms filled by the peer educators in the previous session. They analysed and shared the results of the responses received by them. Facing peer pressure from not having electronic gadgets, spending more time on social media than family were some of the responses.

Each group shared its understanding of the topic, its role in one’s life, related problems in today’s world and ideas to overcome them. It was exciting to witness the zeal of all the peer educators and hear out their perspectives. All of them got together and shared their innovative ideas to deal with age old and conventional problems named above. Talk it out, think rationally, be creative were some suggestions made by the various groups.

The session ended with the vote of thanks proposed by the peer educators of the last year’s session. The experience was an elevating one as we brainstormed about critical life skills.

Tanya Trehan, XI-E

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