Moon Carnival at Nehru Planetarium- class 8

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On the occasion of the ‘Special Lunar Eclipse’, Nehru Planetarium organised an event named ‘Moon Carnival’ on 23rd July,2018. Our School registered a slot for viewing on 23rd July.

Fifteen students accompanied by Physics teacher, Mr. Pallab Roy reached the venue by 9.30 am. On arriving at the venue, our group was guided to the ‘ sky theatre’ which is a dome like structure.

The programme started with a lecture by one Mr. Sidharth, an astro physics research scholor at Delhi University, who interacted with the students on the subject. A 3D film clip on the Asteroid was shown. The speaker then demonstrated the different phases of the moon and its eclipse. We were then ushered to see a model of a spaceship. Students were especially excited to observe the model of an astronaut.

We enjoyed an activity undertaken for us outside the lobby, which showed how lines extend outwards from the craters formed when meteorites fall on the moon’s surface. This was done using sand and marbles.

We were served refreshments as the session concluded.

Mr. Pallab Roy

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