‘Myths and legends of Latin America’, PP Annual Day

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The Pre- Primary department hosted their annual day function “Myths and legends of Latin America” on 13 October, 2012 in the Foundation Hall.

It was a bright and sunny day and our children were looking spectacular in their rich costumes. To add on to the ambience of the show, parents came dressed in Latin American attir! The entire venue was also amply dressed,  as it were, to entreat the ambience and it filled our hearts with excitement and enthusiasm.

The show began with a short pageant, ‘Greetings from the various Latin American Countries”. Ms. Viji Vasudev, Head Teacher Pre- Primary, then spoke to welcome the audience. Our honoured guest of the morning was Ms. Capaya Rodriguez, minister- councellor of Venezuela. Generous credits were granted to the Pre-primary teachers for their research and effort towards creating  an extraordinary learning experience. Technicians and backroom support by all other teachers and non-teaching staff were warmly acknowledged.

All props and special effects like the bonfire were created in the classroom. Besides, all our extra- curricular activities, namely, music, dance, art and craft, our celebrations, greetings etc, were based on the theme of the year. Thus, multiple perspectives were offered towards the enrichment of our little minds. Infact the multiple perspectives such as these are carefully woven into our curriculum to embellish the syllabus. We have not only kept to the theme and incorporated it into our syllabus, but our curriculum is also planned to enable the children to learn the rudiments of geography, history, culture including cuisine, besides using the academic learning practically.


Each class showcased a story which either had a moral or offered a useful piece of  knowledge, like, for example, the origin of coffee and cocoa. The first story was from Ecuador called The Sun God; it’s  moral was-Hard work always Pays. The second story was from Colombia called The Magical Forest ,with the moral, Live and Let Live. The third was from Argentina by the name, The Girl and the Puma and carried the moral-One good deed deserves another. The fourth story was from Peru where the children showcased the conquest of America. The fifth was from Central America and was about the story of cocoa. The sixth story was from Brazil;  The story of coffee. The last story was from Venezuela and was like a cherry on the cake- The Beauty Pageant!

The children performed confidently and with enjoyment. They had practiced intensively for this mega event, without neglecting their academics,  which proceeded as per the curriculum.  In the days closer to the event the children who were in the dances could prompt those paying the main characters and vice-versa! Such was the spontaneity achieved! The children were not only thorough with their entries and exits, but also those of their fellow classmates! Kudos to the children who were unwell during the practice days but still managed to be a part of the fiesta.

The children were seen to be well on the path of learning as they carefully learned to listen to the instructions given to them. It is important to note that no child was uncomfortable. They were uninhibited in their costumes and all of them seemed to have acquired a poise which was heartwarming to note in such young children. The end indeed spoke for the means; the hard work, planning, dedication and love shone through.

Filed by Ms. Shalini Grover, teacher.

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