Nature Walk during Environment Week, classes 7 and 8.

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On the occasion of Environment Week, a talk and a nature walk was organised by NGO, Hara Jeevan at our School. This NGO is actively involved in many projects relating to the conservation of nature.

On 13th July, students of classes VII and VIII attended a talk organised by the NGO on how to conserve nature. During the talk, they were encouraged to plant saplings and were also told about the techniques of decomposing waste material. After the discussion, the students were taken on a nature walk in the School garden and introduced to the numerous varieties of native trees and plants present. Some of these are:

Cassia Fistula locally known as Amaltas/Girmala/Kiar/Alash Ehretia Laevis locally known as Chamrod/Chambal/Desi Papdi/Sakar Ficus Religiosa (Sacred fig) locally known as Peepal/Peepli Morus Alba locally known as Shahtoot/Toot/Chinni/Kandi Syzigium Cumini locally known as Jamun/Jaman/Paiman/Phalinda Polyalthia Longifolia locally known as Ashok/Devdaru/Ashupal Polyalthia Pendula locally known as Ashok Mangifera Indica locally known as Aam/Amri/Ambi Azadirachta Indica locally known as Neem/Nimbi Butea Monosperma locally known as Dhak/Palash/Tesu/Kesu/Chhichra Citrus Banana Maize Curry leaves Alstonia

The experience was equally enriching and delightful as the children were amazed to become aware of the large variety of trees and plants around us at School. Besides the learning that came with the valuable talk on how and why we must conserve nature.

Ms. Namrata Jit Kaur.

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