NSC Innovation Festival for classes 8 and 9

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Students of our School participated in a two-day Innovation Festival 2019 held at the National Science Centre, Pragati Maidan, on 7 & 8 February 2019. The occasion provided an opportunity to keen observers of science from several prominent Delhi schools to explore and experiment with new scientific theories and ideas. The first day of the event saw the presence of twenty-seven students of class IX of our School who were accompanied by senior science teacher, Ms. Suman Aswal.

Day One of the Innovation Festival 2019 commenced with an address by Professor PV Madhusudan Rao of IIT Delhi on the topic ‘Anybody can innovate’. A renowned name in the field of science, Prof. Rao has the singular honour of being an innovator and visiting faculty at various international institutes and universities. He has also published several research papers on innovative projects.

In his talk, the professor defined ‘Innovation’ and shared several examples of creative modifications by students and other youth across the country. One such example was of Madhav Lovkare who has created a lens for the hearing impaired. This lens can convert spoken words into visual text for any person wearing it. Madhav has already created four models of the same and patented his innovation which is a huge success.

Prof. Rao also spoke about another young innovator, Shalini Kumari. Shalini has created an adjustable walker which can be used with ease when climbing up steps. She got her inspiration from her grandfather who had difficulty in climbing stairs with his standard walker because it could only be used on a flat surface.

The professor also mentioned a noteworthy contribution by an IITian whose portable device can convert a normal cane for the blind into a protective device that alerts the visually impaired to obstacles in their path including the ones overhead.

The erudite professor concluded the session on the note that if one wants to innovate, one must be sympathetic and understand the problems of others.

The students found the lecture extremely educative and edifying. The talk inspired them to investigate the scope for innovations and imbued them with the sense that “Anybody can innovate”.

The second day of the prodigious Innovation Festival 2019 welcomed an effervescent contingent of twenty-nine students of class VIII of our School duly escorted by Ms. Yogeshwari.

The National Science Centre, well-known for its art galleries, science commodities’ display, historical facts’ exhibits and such like, played host to a stupendous showcasing by ingenious students and perspicacious adults of innovative and fresh ideas as well as their practical execution. The exhibitors clearly displayed their concern for the various disadvantaged sects of society and people in need of help.

Student-participants unveiled their ideas as solutions to several global issues like pollution, energy conservation, diseases like epidemics, etcetera. Pressure reducing bamboo stands for labourers, electricity production through temperature difference, paper batteries, smart healthcare watches, eco-friendly mosquito repellents, PM 2.5 absorbers were some of the concepts put forth.

The exhibitors were adjudged by a panel of highly qualified professionals. For the students, it was a day well-spent at the science centre learning with fun and interacting with representatives of the STEM organisation.

Anushka Saxena IXE and Bhuvi Kashyap VIIIC

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