Parent workshop-Democratic and Positive Parenting

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A workshop on democratic and positive parenting was held on Saturday, 5th May 2018 and repeated on 10th May 2018 by Ms. Sangeeta Aswani, Co-ordinator, The Citizenship Programme.

The workshop started with a 3 minute video on how the toughest job is that of a parent – this is supported by the fact that a parent needs to be great at multitasking- have cooking abilities, medical knowledge, no holidays and no pay, coupled with sacrificing your own time for your child on most days.

This set the base for the workshop and with the help of a PPT, the following topics were discussed. The aim was to create awareness on how parents can introspect on their conduct with their children. Corrective measures if required can be adapted comfortably while the children are still young.

An outline of the PPT was is as follows:-
The 3 reasons for Challenging Behaviour :-

With an interactive session, it was proven that most types of challenging behaviour can be traced to these 3 reasons. Issues like how to handle aggression and whether sleep-overs should be permitted were also discussed.

Share your budget with your children
Never say NO to spending time
Spare the rod but use the scanner
Show respect for inter-personal relationships
Don’t compare
Respect your children for what they are academically
Be a friend, encourage transparency
Encourage exercise and adopt a hobby
Social etiquette and adopt a rule book
Daily hug

The workshop concluded that the single critical thing to be built into the bond of parent and child is a continuing connect. What is even more important is to ensure that the child has the comfort and transparency to connect with the parent. The objective of the workshop was to remind parents that the main aim of parenting is to provide the correct direction and environment so that the child grows up into a responsible and caring member of the family and society.

Ms. Sangeeta Aswani, Citizenship Co-ordinator.

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