Physics Hands’- on Activity

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On 12th May 2017, students of class 8 attended a Physics workshop to understand the working of a circuit. Mr. Jyoti Parruck, demonstrated to the students how to lay a simple circuit.

The students were provided with 2 kits- one to build a circuit of connected bulbs and the second to build a ‘wiggle robot’. The kits contained a double battery, connecting wires, LED bulb, bulbs, a switch and a screwdriver each. It was a fun and learning experience as the students discovered the method to lay the circuit independently. Wherever the students hesitated, they were facilitated their teachers and peers. The joy of triumphant faces, when the task was achieved was a delight to observe!

Another project was building the wiggle robot where a motor fan needed to be connected to the bottom of a paper glass and then linked with a circuit comprising batteries and a switch. The students were asked to attach four sketch pens sans their caps ( to act as legs) inside the glass. The wing of the fan is broken to disable it. The fan is then switched on and the robot starts to wiggle! The movement makes some beautiful patterns on the surface.

It was an engaging workshop which gave the students an opportunity for a hands’-on experience. Besides this, the learning of circuits, which is a part of the curriculum, was reinforced. The workshop was a practical demo of the concept. The students were also provided with worksheets and manuals to recap the learning.

Anushka Saxena and Palkin Rana, class 8B.

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