Physics workshop at the National Science Centre

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To direct curiosities, the National Science Centre organised a Physics Workshop for the students of classes IX and X on 27 April 2018. About 50 students accompanied by their Physics’ teacher Ms. Yogeshwari had the opportunity to attend the workshop.

The exercise commenced with students being made aware of the various definitions of innovation and its aspects. A documentary by Discovery Channel on several innovations by Indians globally, was screened. Next, a video was shown on how to build a speaker using waste materials. Students were also handed material to try and assemble one. One of the officials at the Centre explained the science underlying speakers used in our everyday lives.

The students walked around the Centre and saw the exhibits. Through various fun activities and experiments, complex science concepts were demonstrated for them. Some of the commendable experiments and activities included a Mirror Maze, a maze- type puzzle created using mirrors; “Print your Shadow”, where through a bright beam of light, students were able to freeze their own shadow on a screen. These were some examples, to describe a few.

The group also saw a mechanism which allowed the students to hear each other across the room clearly without any interruption. They participated in several experiments to help define the laws of gravity, fluid pressure, optics, sound and other concepts.

There was an exhibition on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, he who dreamed of a united India and who integrated the princely states into a nation. Using digital demographics, 3-D graphics, digital transcriptions, video and shows, the story of the mammoth unification of our country was explained.

The students greatly enjoyed the exhibition and also expressed a desire to visit it again.
It was a very informative, in fact memorable experience.

Aryan Singh XD.

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