Pre Primary Annual Day, 2018

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On 15 December, 2018 our youngest Indianites presented glimpses of the states of Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal- in song, dance, drama and costume at their Annual Day 2018, aptly named, ‘The Enchanting East: Chronicles of The States of the Eastern Coast of India’, the School theme of the year.

The odyssey wove together a dramatised connection of the culture and history of the states, embarking from Odisha encompassing the Dravidian architecture of Tamil Nadu and mesmerizing landscapes and heritage of Andhra and Bengal.

What a beautiful morning it was, a bracing winter breeze laced with bright sunshine. The anticipation of the enthusiastic assembly of parents drew a loud and loving applause to welcome the delightful tiny tots on stage for possibly the very first time!

Soon the pageant was underway. The music quickly made the mood as the narration ably handled by senior students led the way for the history and the drama. State after state was a magical mix of diverse traits. The costumes, traditions, histories were distinctive but in the end they seemed to unite in a common core- the beliefs that make for a modern India built on a firm foundation of universal values-unity and peace.

The first in the line was Odisha- its Rath Yatra, the Sambalpuri and Odissi dance forms, crowned by the gory Kalinga War which transformed forever the mighty Emperor Ashoka into a man of peace and Buddhism.

Next in line was Tamil Nadu. The state is home to a number of heritage edifices, multiple religious pilgrimage sites, even eight World Heritage Sites. The children presented the Bharatanatyam in rich costume as they played story of Raja Raja Chola and how he ordered the building of the lofty Thanjavur Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Following Tamil Nadu was Andhra Pradesh, the ‘Kohinoor of India’ with its shrines and temples, magnificent palaces, monuments reflecting art and craftsmanship, architecture and culture. Music of the region played as the children showcased the elaborate traditions of the state. A Kuchipudi performance by the children and a dramatisation of a tale of Tenali Raman, poet, scholar, thinker and special advisor in the court of Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya, who was best known for his wit.

Last but not the least West Bengal flourished its rich literary heritage, folk music and dance.

The act began with a resplendent Goddess Durga vanquishing the demon ‘Mahishasur’. This was followed by the Dhunuchi and a traditional Sindoor khela dances. The traditional rickshaw pullers of Kolkata lent the charm of an age old city tradition.

Swami Vivekananda’s life was depicted in a role play. How young Naren became a disciple of Guru Ramkrishna Param Hans and later travelled to deliver a landmark speech at Chicago.

Last but not the least, Vande Mataram rang out in its glory, as all 400 participants filed back on stage with their teachers to take a final bow. The beat beckoned and the little feet had a spright as the rich and diverse costumes wove together like a vast elevated tapestry! Little Shania was the showstopper as she skillfully whirled a hoopla around her waist even as her steps matched the beats playing. The audience missed a breath as they took in the spectacle, before they burst into a deafening and seemingly unceasing applause!

The program came to an end with a short vote of thanks by Our Pre Primary Head Teacher, Ms. Ritu Singh, followed by the School Song.

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