Pre-primary Annual Day- African Safari

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One of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, the Pre-Primary Annual Day, was held on Saturday, 17th December 2016 at 10:30 am in the School back field. A sprawling stage and seating arrangements to accommodate nearly 800 parents under a bright sun, made for a perfect day.

Our talented young anchors, Antariksh Nair and Maanya Arora of class 5 welcomed all present, as colour and camaraderie, crowded to carry the School theme of the year`Africa’.

Our youngest students ( pre-primary) commenced their drama `African Safari’ showcasing the story of the elephant who got its nose and the hippo who lost his hair. In a very spirited show, our tiny tots spoke, danced and pranced as the myriad creatures of the magical jungle! There were the lions, the hippos, the alligators, the peacocks, the zebras etc who packed the jungle on the stage to make a spectacle!

The carefully coordinated events held the audience to unbroken attention as the safari started. The energy reverberated across the play field as the children swung in synergy to the robust rhythm of native musiic, ‘Jambo Bhwana’, ‘I Like to Move it’ and ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’. Tribal dancers matched steps to ‘Ojha ve Ojha’ and ‘Hakuna matata’.

The show concluded in a rich musical finale where all the little members of pre-primary reassembled and swung together, a last time to the pulsating track, ‘O Africa’.

The applause was unceasing as the parents rose, enthralled!

Head Teacher, Ms. Bavleen Kaur then offered a vote of thanks as the pre primary teachers’ choir sang the School song.

Ms. Bharti Bedi.

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