Pre primary classes at the movies!

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Students of the Preschool and Pre-primary were taken to watch the movie, ‘Hotel Transylvania’ at a neighbourhood cinema on 7 August, 2018. Exercises such as this prompt listening, speaking and social skills. The children learn how to conduct themselves in new places and in company. In entertainment such a movie with classmates, the learning is hastened.

‘Hotel Transylvania’ is an animated spoof aimed for children. This movie relies on visual comedy and carries the message about being tolerant and accepting difference. This is what the monsters in the movie must learn to do. Quietly  the movie reinforced values like truthfulness, tolerance and courage which are a part of our life skills programme.

This movie will be used as reference in the classroom, to talk with our children about real-life issues and negative consequences of quarrelling, as compared with the benefits of learning to share and working together .

The outing was a great hit and the children enjoyed themselves immensely. Popcorn and a drink were the cherry on the cake and were immensely relished! Exercises of ‘edutainment’ in the curriculum makes learning very exciting.
Ms. Sonia Nayar.

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