Prohibited Items at School

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Items that are potentially harmful to any member of the school community should not be brought to school. These include:

• Chewing gum
• Fizzy drinks including high energy drinks
• Jewellery except for a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings worn in the earlobes
• Aerosol cans including deodorants (students should use non-aerosol deodorants )
• Correction fluid (students may use correction tape )
• Unnecessary money
• Expensive items
• Cigarettes, matches and lighters
• Fireworks
• Laser pens and LED torches
• Any form of illegal drug (except medicines covered by the Prescribed Medicines’ Procedure )
• Knives, including pen knives and craft knives
• Fireworks or explosives of any kind
• Dangerous chemicals
• Cameras / Mobiles ( School reserves the right to confiscate cameras or mobile phones and to delete any unauthorised pictures or video recordings of students or staff
• Any items which are illegal to possess or carry, or inappropriate for the age of the child or the school environment.

For Parents

1. Guide your child to follow rules and regulations of School.
2. Check the almanac of your ward every day.
3. Attend the PTM every time it is scheduled.
4. Follow the schedule and adhere to time slots given to meet the Principal and the teachers.
5. Avoid using the mobile phone in the

School premises.

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