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On 4 September 2018, eighteen students of class XII- Psychology, were privileged to visit VIMHANS ( Vidya Sagar Institute of Mental Health and Neuro & Allied Sciences). Our School has regularly organised visits such as this to help our students foster a wider / deeper understanding of the subject.

The enthusiastic students, accompanied by Vice Principal, Ms. Sukhmeen Cheema reached the venue and were escorted to the conference room after the customary warm welcome at the entrance.

The session commenced with an address by Ms. Kritija, expressive art therapist at the institute. She spoke on the role-differences of a clinical psychologist, counsellor and a psychiatrist. This was followed by a discussion on the stereotypical depiction of a mental hospital. One of the aims of the session was to change this cliched perception.

Following the talk, students were divided into two groups and taken on a round of the different wards by the faculty in-charge.

The tour began with a visit to the OPD (outpatient department) and IPD (inpatient department) where the patients seek an appointment, discuss their problems with the concerned doctors, get a prescription or get admitted depending on the severity of the case. We were also shown a nicely landscaped garden where patients can take a stroll in fresh air. This activity is named -’Nature Walk’- and is a part of the Art Environmental Therapy.

Next, we went to the ‘Crisis Intervention’ facility which has Level 1, Level 2 and High-Risk wards for patients as per the degree of crisis. The wards consisted of ECT ( Electro Convulsive Therapy), RTMS ( Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), GSR ( Galvanic Skin Response) machines and magnetic mood meters. The wards have been designed in accordance with principles of sensory integration, incorporating the use of the five senses.

Our next stop was the ‘Care Giver Initiative’, a recent initiative for caregivers of patients. This includes several facilities – steam bath, jacuzzi, music, coloured lights and aromatherapy.

After this, we toured the POT ( Paediatric Occupational Therapy) section for children which had areas allotted for recreational activities, colourful indoor and outdoor grounds and a sensory integration unit. Adjacent to it is the Adult OPD, an equally important zone for occupational therapy which that includes activities like yoga, meditation and pottery . There is also a gym and a salon for personal grooming of the patients!

However, the most awaited surprise visit was to the ‘Food Therapy’ section. This is a therapy recently developed as a part of the rehabilitation process of patients. Exciting and tingling flavours such as that of chilli potatoes, noodles and lemonade were abundantly deployed there. These were also sampled by the excited students! This was a delightful team building exercise, enjoyed by all.

On our way back to the main hall, we crossed the enclosure housing cages filled with tiny guinea pigs. An endearing sight, this is used as a therapeutic and healing stress busting visual.

Last, but not the least, was the Art Therapy session conducted by Ms. Sonia Bhandari. With the help of a power point presentation, Ms. Bhandari shed light on how art therapy is an upcoming and widely celebrated field of psychology covering art forms like craft, dance and even drama. We were shown slides of wonderful art and craft work prepared by patients. The presentation was followed by a paper activity- “Who am I ?” to prove that ‘What we are, will show in what we do’. We were provided with paper, crayons and sketch pens, to undertake the task.

The session was invigorating and informative. We soaked in all the information ‘greedily’!

Sehaj Kaur Bedi, XII B.

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