Science workshop for class 9

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A group of class IX students of The Indian School attended a workshop on the topic ‘Science in our Lives’ held at Birla Vidya Niketan on 21 January, 2019. This training session was a part of the BVN-IAPT Anveshika programme which embodies the spirit of ‘learning by doing’. The workshop attracted the participation of students and teachers from several prominent schools from across Delhi-NCR.

Resource person, Ms. Pragya Neponi, conducted the educative and empowering workshop which aimed at improving observation skills amongst students, helping them view things from a physicist’s perspective, and enabling them to analyse series of things transpiring in a single event.

Ms. Neponi drew the participants’ attention to ways to derive optimum benefits from Physics. This interactive platform encouraged the bright-eyed audience imbibe skills to explore physics through experimentation. It focused on increasing practical knowledge through an increase in practical skills.

The application of physics is omnipresent and can be seen in toddlers as they try to balance on their feet or in the simple process of vegetable cutting. The young learners were impressed to learn the physics behind chopping and slicing vegetables! They were further enlightened about the concepts of centre of mass, optics, phenomenon of toroidal rings, and how these can be verified-theoretically and practically.

The students were made aware of the direct application of physics in their lives through a series of simple experiments. The students found the session both interesting and informative as they embarked on a thrilling journey of discovering scientific principles in everything around them, aided in their endeavour by a dedicated resource person.

The interaction helped sow in the impressionable minds the seeds of innovative thinking, experimental skills, ability to assess things with proper reasoning and gather the required information to make better use of physics in the future.

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