Self Defence classes at School by Delhi Police

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Our School conducted a 10 day session on self-defense for the girls of classes VI to IX between 20 and 30 November’ 2017.

Instructors of the Delhi Police taught students several self-defence techniques to prepare them to be self reliant in an unsafe environment. Our young spontaneously participated in the exercises.

Each morning the classes began with a short workout to warm up. This helped them build powered reflexes. The instructors carefully demonstrated the moves, even attending to individual children and correcting the technique where required. Practices took place in groups and pairs.

The instructors shared instances of criminal acts in the city and counselled the girls to not be deterred in any situation. On the contrary, they should remain calm and fearless. The techniques taught included blocks such as punches, hand blocks, elbow attacks, leg attacks, etc.

Parents of the students greatly acknowledged the opportunity offered to their children. The participants were handed certificates at the end of the session.

The students who participated in the training are grateful to Delhi Police for this important initiative taken for women’s safety.

Vedika Sharma IXA

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