SEWA : Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action


The Sewa Philosophy

Sewa is all about social or community service that includes environmental, civic responsibilities, democracy, health and fitness related projects, international and other projects-projects that are able to connect the child to his/ her surroundings or to a cause and is able to generate a sense of responsibility towards it.

The Social Empowerment component to a large extent inspires the SEWA philosophy, which in the Indian environment, refers to the concept of service to the community.


l To develop a whole person- ie intellectual , personal, social, emotional and social growth.
l Learners engaged in this programme are expected to be lifelong learners and, through experiential learning develop as active citizens and caring and compassionate humans.


l To direct children’s minds in constructive activities with positive outcomes through the facilitation of creative and critical thinking which will in turn lead them to develop self-confidence and self esteem.
l To underline the significance of the interdependence of all human beings and our dependence on the environment in a shrinking global village.