Skype classroom for Class 4A- Dress in the States of India

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A Skype classroom was held for Class 4A with Ms Hoang Le Thanh Tam, teacher at the HaNoi Star School in Hanoi on 23 August 2019.
The session commenced with the students wishing Ms Hoang Le Thanh Tam.

After introductions, our students by turn spoke about the different costumes worn in different parts of India. In particular they described the ethnic clothing worn by the people of Assam; the women wear variations of the Mekhela, they said. In Gujarat, the festive dress is the chaniya choli for the women.

They went on to name other varieties of dress in other parts of India and also explained how these traditional clothes speak about the culture and history of these regions.

Whilst talking about the costumes of Rajasthan, the Vietnamese students asked why the ladies had covered their heads! This question was answered by our student who said that in some parts, covering the head by women is a sign of her respect to for elders in her company.

The novel experience excited and delighted the students. They said they look forward to similar exchanged in the near future. Such exchanges not only boost the children’s confidence and help them shed their inhibitions, they also enhance the children’s understanding of peoples and cultures from around the world.

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