Skype classroom on Elephants for class 2A

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On World Elephant Day, the children of class II-A interacted with Mr Mostafa Abdel Kawy an educator at the Dr El Rakhawy Primary School in Egypt on 13 August, 2019. The topic for discussion chosen was ‘Elephants’. The Skype session took place in the School computer lab in the presence of the class teacher Ms Rhytham Massey.

The enthused Indianites were well prepared for the session with appropriate elephant face headgear to celebrate the occasion. At the opposite end, Mr Mostafa had prepared a PPT for the little ones on farm animals and wild animals with an emphasis on elephants.

The keen learners exhibited a wealth of information that they had researched on elephants. Gunseerat, Elina, Avni and Miraya shared a few fun-facts about elephants like the ‘Elephant’s ears are thin and help them cool down.’ ‘Their trunk can grow to be about six feet long’ and ‘Elephants use their tusks to help dig for water’ and other such interesting facts.

Meanwhile, Mr Mostafa tried to generate awareness about the human practice of killing elephants for trade. He sensitised the listeners about the role they can play as future adults in taking a stand against this brutal practice in order to save elephants.

In the end, he played an audio of different animal sounds which the students were asked to identify. The young students were able to answer all the questions with confidence!

The world of Skype has indeed opened up the gateway to a global classroom!

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