Skype Session with Aban School, Russia

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A skype classroom allows for students to experience a flavour of a different culture, language and even ideas without leaving the classroom. The students of class II were accorded such a transformative educational event when they connected and shared learning experiences with their peers at Aban School in Russia on 25 February 2019.

At the start of the session, students on both sides of the screen introduced themselves. Talking about hobbies served as an ice breaker and helped start a conversation between them. The children bonded over the universally loved activities of reading, drawing and playing. The children were excited to share and admire each other’s artwork. The Russian students demonstrated counting from 1-10 with the help of a Russian doll!

After a session filled with camaraderie, the screen friends signed off with a traditional greeting and a vigorous wave of the national colours.

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