Special assembly on Kindness

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On 15th November 2017, students of class II-D presented a special assembly on the topic – Kindness.

The children introduced the topic, which was followed by a skit. The skit was based on a story ‘The Golden Bucket’, which was taken from their curriculum. The skit revolved around an act of kindness performed by a little boy towards an older man who turns out to be a fairy in disguise. To reward the boy, the old man (fairy) gifted him a golden bucket that granted him all his wishes. The students presented a sensitive role play of the characters.

The skit was followed by a presentation where students danced to a song that spoke of different acts of kindness. The students had prepared placards with motivational quotes, which were put on display during the dance, to reiterate the need for each of us to be kind to others especially Mother Earth.

Head Teacher, Ms. Neena Maini appreciated the efforts of the students and asked the children to make an effort to consciously ensure at least 1 act of kindness everyday. By and by they must make it a habit to always be kind. Like Plato said, “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle”.

Ms. Rupinder Kaur.

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