Special assembly on the dangers of internet addiction

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Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it. – Jane McGonigal

The influence of media cannot be underestimated. The media’s influence on our daily lives is larger than life, often, leading us on to getting carried away, disbelieving what is real.

E-games offer fantasy in a simulated environment and are an easy temptation. In fact young, lonely and/or bored people get quickly drawn and end up getting sucked into an addiction of these games.

To comprehend the gravity of the dangers of such addiction, a session on e-games and internet addiction was conducted for the students of our School on 12 February, 2019. The objective of the session was to sensitise students about the ill effects of overusing the media and indulging in games that can sometime provoke a self infliction of harm.

During the session, students were told about how users can even become vulnerable in terms of physical and mental health. Insomnia, depression, loneliness etc. often get leveraged by indiscriminately being occupied with e-games.

Strategies on seeking alternate sources of amusement were also discussed at the assembly. Reading, playing outdoor games, spending time with family and friends or in a hobby, were some ways suggested.

Students were given an opportunity to share their experiences and the different ways they employed to replace their e-hours with non e-hours. These included the use of app lock, app shutting options, adequate family time etc. These are ready options to divert oneself from getting compulsive about e-games.

Students were also reminded that the School counsellors are always happy to help find solutions to alleviate such issues.

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