Spring excursion to Lodhi Garden for Pre School

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We decided to end the academic year with a Spring picnic and the pre-school set off for Lodhi Garden!

A park set on 90 acres, interspersed with tombs of Sikender Lodhi and others, it is filled with diverse flora and fauna. The Spring is the perfect time to be witness to the abundant blossoms.

The children were full of excitement and antivipation. We left School at 8:15 am and reached by 8:40 am. As we stepped out of the buses at the venue, we were filled with awe at the rich ambience of nature that welcomed us. Cool bracing air caressed our faces and we were all energised to explore.

We walked around and the children were told the names of the different trees and flowers as we passed them. The varied barks, leaf surfaces, hues, fragrance etc were pointed out. The children were ushered to touch, smell and observe. They were cautioned not to step on the foliage.

The setting was just right for outdoor activities and the children indulged in free play before settling down to some refreshments.

The fun did not end here as soon the children were delighted to spot quacking ducks paddling across the pool. The mimicked the sounds and watched the birds in wonder. It was a herculean task to persuade the children to leave the park!

It was a experience packed with fun amidat nature for our little learners. Even the most quiet and shy children could be seen actively participating and soaking in the surroundings.

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