Spring Picnic at Lodhi Gardens for Pre primary

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We decided to welcome the spring with a picnic at the Lodhi Gardens on 5 March, 2018. As we know this is a landmark park, generously spread over 90 acres and dotted by the tombs of Mohammed Shah Sikander Lodi and other Sultans of Delhi, named the Sheesh Gumbad, the Bara Gumbad, etc.

On the appointed day, we set off from School at 8.30 am for our destination. As the children stepped out of the buses they were embraced by the natural warmth of the garden. The children were very excited about the excursion and the thrill was evident in their restiveness. The flora at this time of the year was fulsome. The children were rearing to run about freely, but they were instructed to hold hands in groups and form a chain. They were told the names of the numerous flower and fruit trees as we walked around the garden.

The students were given a brief introduction to the origin of the historical structures situated in the premises and also shown how the restoration of these heritage building was carried out.

Finally we found a pleasant spot and settled the children. After a quick bite, the young ones sat down together to play games in the supervision of their teachers. The fun didn’t end here as the children were delighted to spot

the ducks in the pond, quacking merrily and proudly paddling across the pool!

When it was time to return, the teachers had to cajole the little ones as they were very reluctant to leave. It was a rewarding experience packed with both learning and fun for our young learners.

The children observed the nature with an individualistic perspective and shared their views with their teachers on their return.
It was a fruitful and an enriching experience for all.

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