Strand 3



1. Swachcha Vidyalaya, Swachcha Bharat.

2. Dignity of Labour.

3. Empathy.

4. Care for Homeless Children.

5. Being Safe and Responsible.

6. Environmental Conscious Citizens as part of Eco Clubs.

7. Reduce,Recycle and Reuse and Now Respect.

8. Raising First Aid Awareness and demonstrations.

9. Plantation of shade/ fuel/ ornamental/ avenue trees.

10. Dastangoi.

11. Maintaining props and equipment.

12. Studying the nutrition and health of people in a peer group/ village/ city slum/ tribal area/ neighbourhood.

13. Participating in the community health programme through a door-to-door contact programme.

14. Acquaintance with common fertilizers ( organic fertilizers) and pesticides and their application with appropriate equipment.

15. Acquaintance with common pests and diseases of plants and the use of simple chemicals and plant protection equipment.

16. Preparation of the family budget and maintenance of daily household accounts.

17. Helping school authorities in organising-

(a) picnic, tours, excursions, functions.

(b) exhibitions.

18. Participation in Adult Literacy Programmes .

19. Resources for classroom use and school use.