Summer internship at a newspaper, “The Pioneer”‘ Delhi, class 11.

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Summer internship at a newspaper, “The Pioneer”‘ Delhi, class 11.

“The Pioneer”, the second oldest English newspaper in India, is known for it’s authenticity in reporting events occurring around the world. We, Kriti Dang, Ansh Kumar and Sanjula Sethi, of class 11 were privileged to be chosen for a summer internship at the prestigious organization for the period, 21 to 29 May, 2012.

On the first day of our Internship program, we reported to our correspondent, Mr. Saurabh Tankha, Senior Editor, who briefed us about the layout of the newspaper, the structure of the organization and the systematic and well-coordinated way in which it works. He informed us that the initial step is the collection of news followed by the writing of the story and it’s filing. Then the selection of stories takes place which are further edited and the final layout of the newspaper is decided in an editorial meeting. After this interactive session with Saurabh Sir, we were introduced to the chief editor who further enlightened us about the city-reporting department, the several beats in which reporters operate, the sources they come in contact with and the hardships they often face. Thereafter we were given a small assignment to work on, which was to briefly write a press release. At the end of the day we were filled with great enthusiasm for the coming few days.

The next day, our first job was to go through some newspapers and watch news’ channels in order to get fully updated and to get acquainted with the writing style of a journalist. Then as interns we were given our first big assignment which was to cover an art exhibition at the Lalit Kala Academy. We tried to interpret the beautiful paintings, know their themes and we interviewed the artists. Our work didn’t end here. On the 23rd, the third day of our Internship, we submitted our individual reports on the exhibition. Through this we learned on how we could improve on our work and perform better. The same day, with a hike in the petrol prices by Rs 7.54/l which was to be implemented post midnight, we were told to go to a nearby petrol pump and know the reactions of the common man on the issue. We rushed to the petrol pump where there were serpentine queues of vehicles and in an attempt to pen down the views of agitated people, hearing their grievances, questioning them, photographing them, we realized that the public sees othe media as a medium to voice themselves and this gave us the real essence of journalism! We felt a great high!

24 May was the day when our report was published in the newspaper on the petrol price hike. This completely overwhelmed all three of us! We spent the following days working with various departments like features and magazines, designing and sports’ departments, reading newspapers, observing the departments work, interacting with them, learning things and writing some stories, some of which also got published. While working with the designing department, a logo for the IPL, the header and logo for the Euro Cup designed by Ansh Kumar were printed in the newspaper.

In this way, each day was a great learning experience for us. We enjoyed our work to such an extent that we wished that the Internship program could be extended! We are very grateful to our School and the Pioneer for giving us this exposure and a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of journalism, a career which may just be ours’ in our future.

Filed by Kriti Dang, class 11.

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