Talk for parents on internet safety for children

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‘The internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.’ – Andrew Brown.

The key to the success of the internet is the unfettered information it offers on the fingertips.
It is however evident from incidents around us, that people especially, children and the youth, have started spending a disproportionate amount of their precious time online.

An interactive session was planned by School for the parents on 3 September, 2017. The discussion was conducted by noted child psychiatrist, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal accompanied by School counsellor Ms. Sukhmeen Cheema. The programme was made interactive with an open house discussion where parents asked queries and expressed their concerns.

Dr. Nagpal explained that it is a matter of grave concern that a machine is taking the place of human beings for companionship. The fast life is keeping parents from spending time and communicating with their children. Any void in the child’s life, small or big, gets filled by time spent on digital media. Dr. Nagpal pointed out that the Blue Whale is simply an indication of the weakening of the family structure and the emotional solace the child seeks of it. He suggested simple yet sure steps to engage one’s children over meal times etc. He insisted that once a child is fruitfully and happily engaged, he or she will comfortably abstain from the phone or computer.

The session was summed up with motivating words from our Vice Chairperson, Dr. Nayana Goradia and Principal Ms. Tania Joshi. They entreated the parents to identify their own ways, best suited to their way of life, of engaging with their children to build effective communication channels.

Once the family bonds at home are secure, the Blue Whale will remain restricted in its ocean they explained!

Ms. Jigyasa Khokhar.

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