Teacher Recognition for Highest School Average in Delhi/NCR in class 12 board exams, 2015/16.

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On the occasion of our School achieving the highest school average across Delhi /NCR in the CBSE Class XII boards, 2015-16, The Indian School management commemorated teachers ‘ who made a mission of making every child an achiever’.

The following teachers were awarded.

1. English – Ms. Punam Thapan , Ms Navreet Shergill

2. Physics – Ms. Archana Raichandani

3. Chemistry- Dr. Anu Singh

4. Political Science- Ms. Tania Joshi

5. History – Ms. Charu Bhatnagar

6. Economics- Ms. Sangita Verma

7. Mathematics- Ms. Neha Agrawal , Mr. Sabir Hussain

8. Psychology – Ms. Sukhmeen Kaur Cheema

9. Painting – Ms. Garima Singh

10. Engineering Graphics- Mr. S.K. Dutta

11. Fashion Studies – Ms. Nita Kapoor

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