Teacher workshop on Mindfulness

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On 21 September 2018, teachers of The Indian School attended a workshop on mindfulness and peace conducted by 5 monks from Singapore. The teachers who attended the workshop, held at the India International Centre, were Ms. Aprajita Chandola, Ms Jigyasa Khokhar, Ms. Neha Arora and Ms. Sargam Sharma

The speakers began the session by briefly introducing themselves, giving an idea of the type of sessions they conduct. This was followed by a ‘peace walk’ in the garden where the participants were directed to walk slowly, assimilating the nature, the changing season, the foliage, birds and and the various distinctive sounds that form the essence of nature.

Next, everyone was directed to stand in a circle as the speaker slowly explained how our senses lead us to our minds. Each one was given a lemon drink to sip and a biscuit to eat and while enjoying these, were told to close our eyes and focus on our other senses, that is other than taste. The monk speaking insisted that we remind ourselves to thank nature and the farmer who enabled us to enjoy those things.

The group was lead to an auditorium where we were guided to sit on the floor, close the eyes and meditate. We were handed a list of short verses which were motivating and thought- provoking. The monks sang them softly to give every thought a chance to sink into us and calm our senses.

We were told about how such practices can help children become calmer. The rich benefits of such meditative practices help us appreciate nature, Mother Earth and ourselves. These practices calm the mind and the body in daily life.

It was an enriching experience attending the session and we felt transported in those moments. Soon our minds were at work on how best we can incorporate the principles learnt qt the session in our classrooms.

Ms. Sargam Sharma

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