Teacher’s Role

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To be inspirational. To generate excitement and curiosity for learning.

In our world of information technology where knowledge of the world is a button away the teacher’s role has changed from a purveyor to a facilitator who guides the students in coping with the flood of information coming their way.

The teacher’s role is to design learning experiences that help students understanding concepts and own the knowledge they construct.

The teachers of The Indian School share a relationship of love and trust with the children in their care. Reward and punishment are woven into the fabric of this relationship so that when either praise or censure is exercised, the student is conscious that it is fully deserved. Over a period of time, the pupil becomes his/her own monitor and explicit disciplining becomes less and less necessary.

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Teachers are aware that children learn in different ways and they plan the learning accordingly taking into account those differences and using a range of teaching strategies.

Buddy Reading

Once every fortnight all our teachers, both curricular and non-curricular, sit together to review progress and set targets. Once every term they meet to discuss their observations about each and every child. These findings, along with the students’ own self-assessment is shared with the parents. Thus, while introducing hi-tech into the learning process, our teachers are able to retain their personal rapport with every child.

Teachers at The Indian School are constantly reinventingthemselves keeping abreast with the winds of changeblowing across the world which includes traveling overseas on exchange programmes. To add to their efforts, we undertake rigorous and regular Teacher Training Programmes, under some of the best educational brains of the country.

Teacher’s Day is a self-teaching day when the Class XII students are empowered to teach all classes of the school for one whole day. There is a role reversal as teachers turn ‘taught’ while children wear the teacher’s mantle.
The Teacher’s role is to design learning experiences that help students understand concepts and own the knowledge they construct.

The Annual Day : Of the students, for the students, by the teachers