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A workshop on ‘Teaching with Technology’ was conducted by Vice Principal, Ms. Sukhmeen Cheema on 29 June 2018, for the enhancement of computer skills amongst the teachers. This informative session was designed to highlight the benefits of using technology in classrooms, particularly when “Technology is no more the wave of the future instead it is the wave of the present.”

The workshop began with a brain storming activity in which the teachers were asked to reflect upon the challenges they frequently face when using technology aids. Based on the feedback, Ms. Cheema suggested the need to lay more emphasis on the effective planning of lessons, and also to tinker with apps and other tools to make a habit of applying technology in the classroom.

Ms. Cheema presented the teachers with a brief insight into Bloom’s Taxonomy while accentuating the need to incorporate 21st century skills into their daily lesson planning. A power point presentation on various tools and their usages, enthused the teachers.

The software tools discussed in detail were ‘Zamzar’, a conversion software for word and pdf files and Tube-chop, an indispensible tool to edit You tube videos. Short tutorials on Prezi for presentations, Survey Monkey for recording feedback, and Padlet which works as a bulletin board were shown.

Ms. Sukhmeen Cheema also advocated making Skype in the classroom a necessary tool for animating learning. Mystery Skype, virtual field trips and guest speaker sessions in the monthly classroom schedule is a necessity she said. She asked the teachers to register with ‘education.microsoft.com’ , a hands’- on experience to make teaching interactive. A comprehensive list of various websites for free lesson plans and professional growth was also shared.

The message that teaching with technology is all about modern learning was impressed upon the teachers. Acquiring these new age skills is essential for collaborating, solving complex problems, critical thinking and developing leadership skills, thereby increasing motivation and productivity.

The enlightening session concluded on a hopeful note with the teachers of The Indian School and The Foundation School being suitably ushered to keep pace with these revolutionary changes and don the robes of a 21st century educator.

Ms. Minoo Sethi.

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