Technolgy Labs

Technolgy Labs (2)

Our school is committed to integrating technology into education

The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively explain the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners.

Students have access to classroom audio, video, graphics and 3D animation which makes learning a pleasure.

New English Language Lab

We new have a new English lab with 40 computers for student to improve their pronounciation and language skills.

A smartboard classroom

The Multimedia Room


We have three State of the art Computer labs for Junior, Senior and Sr. Secondary wings spread over an area of nearly 1000sq. feet, with 70 fully updated computers. Broadband and MTNL Internet connection is available through network. The Audio Visual room with its resource facilities has a full sized projection screen to be used for presentation by children, teachers and guest speakers which aid in making the learning experience multi dimensional. Computer Science is an integral part of the Academic Curriculum and is compulsory for students from Class I onwards. NIIT Computer Aided Learning syllabus is integrated with the CBSE curriculum. Students participate in the National cyber Olympiad conducted by National Science Foundation, National Informatics and CBSE.


Lessons are introduced through customized games. We do not stress children come up with the correct answers at the outset. We let the children explore a problem using his/her own logic.

Mathematics lab is a spacious and well ventilated room which welcomes learners of all ages to explore and unravel the mysteries of the world of Mathematics. This we believe will go a long way towards turning maths from being the most dreaded of the 3 Rs to being a creative, joyful and enriching learning experience.


Engineering graphics

Fashion Design

We have state-of-the-art Science Labs, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The labs are equipped with audio-visual (AV) facilities to enable students to stay in touch with the latest development in science and technology. Our labs have a separate reference section and students have access to the computer.