Technovanza 4.0

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‘ E Waste’ was the theme of an inter school event held at Bal Bharati School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg. The event was titled “ Technovanza 4.0”, and was held on 20 November 2018. It attracted participants from about 25 schools from Delhi and NCR region.

The competition was a forum for debate, creative expression, artistic strokes, computer programming and conceptualisation.

The details of the events were as follows.

Tech Paint
Aron Suri and Shradha Saraswat of class IV participated in this event. Students were asked to create one-page newsletter-“ Say no to E-waste”.

Tech Poster
Hardik Gogia and Aditya Prasad Sahu of class VIII were the participants in this event. The participants were expected to prepare a poster on E-Waste.

Tech Game
Nishth and Sarthak Singh of class X took part in this event. They had to submit a game using Scratch in an hour’s time.

Tech Speak
Students were asked to debate on the topic ‘E-Cycling responsibility, User or Manufacturer?’ Bhuvi Kashyap and Ananya of class VIII participated in the event.

Ms. Ekta Chitkara

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