Top honour in international math competition

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To encourage and motivate students to discover the relevance of mathematics in the real world, Nehru World School in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, organised the ‘Festival of Expressions’, inviting students aged between 13 and 15 years to participate in a journey of rediscovering the subject.

Students were to submit their entries as ideas presenting math in the real world, namely as it unfolds in daily life, exists in nature etc. Students could submit their entries in the form of videos, documentaries, role plays or as podcasts.

Our Kirtida Aggarwal of class IX B participated in the event and was awarded the fourth position from amongst 559 entries received from peers across the globe. Her presentation focussed on the application of math in the packaging industry. She emphasised on space optimisation and smart packaging that is designed to contain, communicate and protect our products while moving them from the manufacturer to their final destination. She explained the advantages of cylindrical cans, optimal can size, efficient shapes, packaging design and demonstrated why cube boxes are considered smarter in the packaging industry.

The link for her entry which was uploaded on the social media is as follows:

The event was indeed an invaluable opportunity for students to apply their knowledge of math in offering solutions to problems existing in the real world.

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