Top honours at inter school IT symposium

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A team of eight students from classes IV to XII of The Indian School participated in the Dewang Mehta Memorial IT Symposium at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyalaya on 9 August 2019. The event saw the participation of many schools of Delhi-NCR.

The students – Ibrahim Ahmaed, Karamjot Singh, Sasmit Dey Sarkar, Damak Saxena, Mahim, Shraddha, Karan Gupta and Pranav Singh were accompanied by their teacher, Ms Kriti Chhabra. They participated in the various events like Crop the Brass ( A/V Editing), Pic-L ( GFX Editing), Digi Stroke and Trivia Quiz.

In the A/V Editing, there were two stages: Prelims and Finals. To qualify the prelims stage, the participants had to prepare a short Anime Music Video (AMV). For the final round, students were given the topic on the spot and allowed two hours to finish their production. Ibrahim Ahmaed and Karamjot Singh were awarded the First Prize in recognition of their innovation and teamwork.

In GFX Editing and Digi Strokes, participants had to use Adobe Photoshop CC and MS Paint respectively to display their talent. The topic was given on the spot and time allotted was one hour.

In Trivia Quiz, participants engaged in the battle of answering questions from the IT World.

Overall, it was a very educative experience for the students who were particularly encouraged to take the benefits from IT to the common man of India.

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