Top honours at Quest 2017, inter school competition at Air Force School

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On 25th April 2017, our School teams participated in several events at Quest 2017, an inter school competition held at Air Force School and won the rolling trophy!

Ayushi Verma and Gitansh Satija of class 11A participated in the event ‘Hands’-on Activity: Endless Innovation’ for which they won the Second Prize. They were assigned the task of assembling a model demonstrating their best ideas on the topic “Reducing Carbon Footprints”. The principles on which their model was based were: the mineralisation of carbon to form carbonates by which carbon can be locked permanently from the atmosphere; another was the use of algae as a bio fuel; also the use of smoke to generate electricity by turning smoke mills; the hydraulic system as an alternative and lastly, the installation of artificial smoke absorbers in chimneys.

A separate group of students from our School participated in the creative writing, debating, science quiz and poster making events. As a team our School won the Rolling Trophy!

On 26th April 2017 (second day at the event), we secured the following positions:

1. 1st prize for Science Quiz( Srinjoy and Shashwat)
2. 2nd prize for Creative Writing ( Arham)
3. Best speaker in semi finals of the Parliamentary Debate (Aatif Hussain)

It was a wonderful experience for all of us and we were specially delighted to bring back the top honours for our School.

Ayushi Verma and Jatin Gupta.

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