Tryst 2018- annual tech fest at IIT Delhi

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The computer science students of senior School were privileged to attend sessions at Tryst 2018, the annual tech festival at IIT Delhi, on 25th and 26th February, 2018. The vision underlying the festival is to explore the limitless capabilities that the world holds and the potential that lies within the human race to discover unexplored horizons- thus the theme was aptly named ‘Infinity and Beyond’. Tryst’18 featured an impressive lineup to cater to the hunger for intellect across diverse fields.

In the first session, students attended a lecture by Casey Handmer, who familiarised the students with the buzzword, Hyperloop. He discussed upcoming technologies of the various tech giants and which are expected to be incorporated in our daily lives in the imminent future.

Another session we attended was with Yogesh Chabria, successful entrepreneur, investor and founder of The Happionaire Way. This was an interesting session as the speaker looked to trigger a spark in the students, as it were, to spur them to seek success in life. He shared many inspiring anecdotes, each of which motivated the young audience to persevere and persist, never losing hope as they aim big!

Gitansh Satija, class 10.

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