Visit to an art museum

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The students of classes IV and V visited the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art on 15 November 2018. They were accompanied by their teachers. The children in particular, visited the exhibition of Delirium/Equilibrium at the museum.

The exhibits included videos, virtual reality installations and kinetic artworks featuring key Indian and international artists. The latter
introduced unique visual experiences that engaged the students and profoundly impacted their manner of perceiving art. In fact some of the children were visiting an art museum for the very first time.

The group was briefed by the museum coordinator before being taken to see the exhibits of Delirium/Equilibrium. They were enthralled by the various displays. The installation by Subodh Gupta based on nuclear explosion intrigued the students the most. The presence of colour, touch, sound, movement, apparitions, light and shadow drew the students into a technological ambience. They were then asked to put their creative minds at work and draw a picture of any one of the installations or videos they liked the most in the exhibition.

It was an unusual opportunity for students to apply their critical thinking skills and hone their artistic skills simultaneously.

Ms Naina

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