Visit to the Children’s Museum by Pre-school.

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Much to their great excitement and the inviting weather, the children of the Pre-school started off School for the nearby Children’s Museum on Friday, 4 October, 2013. The children were  expectedly very curious about what they were going to see. They had been told about our heritage and the elements of it they could hope to see in the classroom but the anticipation was abundant!

The children were led past displays of art and sculpture in the spacious hall. They particularly enjoyed the story of Lord Krishna carrying the Govardhan on his little finger depicted by a stone exhibit. Some children promptly recalled the story as related to them at home too!
They quietly observed the serene images of Gautam Buddha and the Ashoka Pillar. Most children recognised these.

The trip was both educational and recreational. Once we came out of the building, the children stretched and had fun running around, playing with their friends before we climbed back on our buses for School.

By Ms. Othelia Fernandes.

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