Webinar for teachers on Critical Thinking

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‘Critical thinking and curiosity are the keys to creativity’

The teachers of The Indian School got an opportunity to interact with Ms Minakshi Kushwaha, Principal, Birla Vidya Niketan, Pushp Vihar, on 17 December 2020, in a webinar on ‘Critical Thinking’. The session was attended by teachers of classes I to VIII.

Ms Kushwaha began the session by stating that critical thinking was one of the most essential life skills required by every individual for survival today. She discussed various aspects of the topic like the difference between thinking objectively and creatively. She also talked about ingraining the skill of intensive thinking in students through a strategy of ‘Productive Struggle’.

Ms Kushwaha explained ‘Positive Struggle’ as a step-by-step process of critical thinking alternating with creative thinking, since both go hand-in-hand and lead to informed decisions and choices. She suggested that the best way a student can start thinking objectively is by not blindly accepting the claims of the teachers; but by scrutinising the ‘proclaimed’ truths quite like a lawyer.

The teachers on the other hand, can ask complex questions rather than simply difficult ones to hone that skill in their students. This will enable the teacher to know whether the student has understood the concept thoroughly. This is because answering a complex question involves knowledge of every step to arrive at the correct answer. According to her, allowing children to reflect on discussions and arguments in class also helps to train their minds to think in multiple ways. She said that the most important thing is that the student should never stop asking questions.

Ms Kushwaha discussed various ideas and strategies which can be implemented in classroom situations. Styles of assessment and enhancement of critical thinking were also shared with the listeners. MCQ, negative statements, Match the following, comparisons, character analysis and inference-based questions were some of the ways suggested by her, to assess students on the ability to think rationally and critically.

Towards the end, Ms Kushwaha answered the queries of the attendees.

Such interactions with educators are very welcome as they help broaden the horizons and lend good food for thought.

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