Workshop on the Art of Questioning

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The ebullient teachers of sister schools-The Indian School and The Foundation School- participated with much verve and vigour in an in-house teacher training workshop conducted by eminent educationist, Ms Manju Sehgal, in association with the Mac Millan Foundation on 27 June 2019. The interactive workshop was designed to educate, inspire and encourage all teachers by focussing on teaching methodologies, self- reflection activities and re-inventing questioning techniques.

Ms Sehgal commenced the session by stating that it was important for schools to understand that both curriculum and assessment have a symbiotic relationship.

The participants were made aware that it was imperative on them as practitioners to always convert information into knowledge. Ms Manju underscored the need for teachers to engage the learners, stimulate critical thinking and trigger classroom discussions. Also, on how collaborative learning was the key and that teachers must always focus on the four Cs of learning- collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. She laid emphasis on both- feedback and feed forward- and how both were equally important pedagogical practices.

The workshop enabled the teachers understand that the key element to a good learning outcome is the usage of behavioural verbs. Throughout the session, the participants were exposed to a wide glossary of words from Bloom’s Taxonomy that ought to be used while framing questions.

The session proved to be insightful and invigorating. The teachers were exhilarated to learn, unlearn and relearn critical aspects of the art of teaching.

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