3rd Sanskrit Vachan Kaushal inter-school competition hosted by our School

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The Indian School held the 3rd edition of the Sanskrit Vachan Kaushal inter-school competition in February 2022. The event invited participation in two categories- Sanskrit Shlok Vachan Competition and Sanskrit Sambhashan Competition.

In the Shlok Vachan category, participants were given ten shlokas from the book ‘Neetishatakam’ written by Bhartrihari. They had to recite any four of them along with their meaning. In the Sambhashan category, the participants received five topics to choose from and speak on any one of them. The topics were:
1. डिजीभारतम्
2. राष्ट्रीया नव शिक्षा नीतिः 2020
3. कन्यां संरक्षेत् पाठयेत् च
4. संतोष एव पुरुषस्य परं निधानम्
5. वृक्षाः जीवनाधाराः

The participating schools uploaded their video entries. An eminent panel of experts adjudicated the enthusiastic responses received from several prominent schools across Delhi-NCR and other cities.

Sponsors for the event, Prafull Foundation, announced a cash award of Rs. 5000/-, 3000/- and 2000/-for 1st, 2nd & 3rd position winners and two consolation prizes of Rs. 500 each.

The results were declared in an online ceremony on 23 March 2022 that welcomed Prof. Ramesh C. Bhardwaj, Head of the Department of Sanskrit, Delhi University & Director, Gandhi Bhavan, as the Chief Guest.

The event commenced with Principal, Ms Tania Joshi, welcoming the chief guest and the panel of judges. In her address, she emphasised the importance of Sanskrit as the mother of most Indian languages.

In his speech, Prof Bhardwaj said that all students should know Sanskrit. Those who study Sanskrit have clear pronunciation and good memory. One cannot understand and relate to Indian culture without knowing Sanskrit. Sanskrit can become more popular if students take it up at the college and university levels.

Jury member Dr Rekha Arora, Assistant Professor at Miranda House College, University of Delhi, congratulated all the participants for their enthusiasm and commendable performances. She shared that it was difficult to decide the winner as all performances were equally good.

Another juror, Dr Pankaja Ghai Kaushik, a senior professor at LSR College, University of Delhi, was pleasantly surprised to hear the participants. She, too, shared that it was very tough to judge the winner and that it is difficult to speak on the topic ‘डिजी भारत’ in Sanskrit. The students should not limit their knowledge of Sanskrit to the competition; they should take it to the college level.

Dr Anu Singh, Vice Principal, declared the results of the Shlok Vachan Competition.
Anushree Kabi of Delhi Public School, R K Puram won the1st prize, Sohini Banerjee of Gyan Bharati School got the 2nd prize, and Surabhi Mukherjee of Birla Vidya Niketan received the 3rd prize. Shambhavi Saraswat of The Mother’s International School and Priyanshi of KR Mangalam School, GK-II, were awarded consolation prizes.

In the Sambhashan Competition, Rishima Tiwari of DPS, Bokaro Steel City, won 1st prize, Pranshi Pareek of The Indian School got the 2nd prize, and Dhruv Chahabra of The Mother’s International School received the 3rd prize. Shivin Sareen of DPS, R. K. Puram and Indrani Mukherjee of Birla Vidya Niketan received the consolation prizes.

In the end, Dr Shikha Sharma, HOD Hindi & Sanskrit, thanked all the participants and their schools who made this competition a great success.

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