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Class 11 Summer Internship at Pearl Academy

We, the students of Fashion Studies of class 11, got an opportunity to attend a summer internship programme at Pearl Academy, Noida from 5th to 10th June, 2017. The internship offered different workshops to expose us to a number of career options in the fashion industry. We attended 7 workshops and undertook a visit to an export house on the last day.

The first day focused on ‘graphic designing and film making’. We were exposed to ‘Holographic projection’ in which we created a three-dimensional photographic projection. We made a prism with the help of a transparent sheet and then made videos on a black background to show the projection successfully.

On the second day we had two workshops-interior designing and fashion designing. In the first workshop, we were told about the importance of natural light in designing any room or building as a whole. We were given a shoe box and we created a room with the desired placement of windows and furniture. The second workshop of the day was fashion designing where we made best out of waste! Waste material like straws, sticks, cups etc. were given to us along with cloth to design an innovative dress.

The third day was equally exciting as the workshops were about styling, makeup and business. In the first half, we were divided into groups. We then picked a model and did her hair and make-up and presented her with a story line.

The second half of the workshop was about business and advertisement where we conceptualised our own imaginary of products and made charts to advertise the products- their uses, prices, promotions, etc.

On the fourth day, we had a product designing class where we were assigned to craft a luminous product from coloured sheets, bulbs, wires etc.

The last workshop of our internship was about Fashion Media Communication where we were told about blogging, promotions on social media and journalism as a whole.

On the last day, we visited an export house where we saw the elements and processes of garment making, from the beginning to the very end. We saw the various types of machines involved in the process.

The internship was a very good experience and provided us a first hand view of the fashion industry. We are thankful to School for providing us this invaluable opportunity.

Class 11 Summer internship with a CA firm

The students of Commerce attended a three-day internship at Messrs Anil K Maheshwari and Company from 13th to 15th June, 2017. The internship introduced us to the various requirements of applying to be a chartered accountant. We were also familiarised with the GST reform, implemented on 1st June, 2017.
On the first day, we were introduced to the various roles a CA can effectively play.
It includes entrepreneurship, a job and private practice. Our host and mentor, Mr. Akshat Maheshwari told us about the different courses relating to Commerce, which include B.Com, MBA, HM and many more. We were also made aware of the reasons behind the fluctuations happening in the stock market.
We were warmly welcomed by the staff of the host company and members enthusiastically offered us interesting inputs and examples from their own experiences.
On the second day, were given the task of analysing and listing the 3 best companies of 10 named for us, in according to what we felt were the best to invest in. We were also given the task
of checking share prices at a specific hour on a daily basis.
We went through the internet to find the share price analysis of each company and with the help of its share price history and the present face value of the shares, we were able to decide in which companies are the best to invest in. These included Infosys, Kajaria and Bharat Electronics Ltd.
On the third day, we were taught about Nifty and BSE, along with which, we were given the task of noting down the net worth, the assets and liabilities of a certain company namely, Rio Tinto. We were given many categories to fill up and we managed to do it all. This exercise greatly helped us interpret the balance sheets of different companies.
It was a thrilling experience which invaluably enriched us with a great education about chartered accountancy as a career choice.

Gayatri Kundu.

Class 11 Summer internship at the Catch factory

School organised a summer internship at Dharampal and Satyapal Group of Industries, Noida, for students of commerce of class XI. Five students were selected-Ishan Singh, Umang Chhabra, Archit Mahajan, Aryaman Sharma and Kriti Wadhwa. We were accompanied by our teacher Ms. Rukmini Thampi. The internship was held for two days i.e. 24th and 25th May, 2017.
On the first day, we assembled at School at 10 am and left for Noida in a car. Our destination in Noida was B-16 , Sector 3, which is the manufacturing unit for the clothing lines of the DS group under the brand name, Funk. We started our internship at this unit.

We were given a warm welcome by Manager, Ms. Kiran who took us around and gave us a complete introduction of the factory. The unit manufactures various clothing products and sells them in the company’s own showrooms. We were told that, Funk products are also sold online.
The unit converts raw material ( that comes from Sonipat) into shirts, pants, jackets etc. The clothing unit has many processing units like a storage unit, weaving unit, packaging unit etc. We saw that the work was divided and assigned to different groups of workers. For example, one group was stitching only collars; the other group was stitching the back of the garment etc. Finally, the parts were combined to create the desired apparel. The unit also has a washing area where the product is washed, ironed and then packed for despatch.


After seeing the clothing unit, we visited the Rajnigandha Silver Pearls’ Unit where we saw how Pan masala and Silver Pearls are manufactured. Rajnigandha Pearls are made from handpicked green cardamom and coated with pure silver leaf. Green cardamom is very aromatic and can be used in a variety of ways. The spice has a very warm aroma and fresh taste and is considered good for asthma patients. It can also increase appetite and be used as a mouth freshener. The management told us about the sales and the numbers of packets exported. We saw how zipped sachets and cans were prepared and how the product was packed into them.

The next day we visited the Catch Masala Factory and got an opportunity to interact with the factory workers. We were shown the different stages of production, from the selection of spices to their grinding and packaging. Catch endeavours to use the best herbs and spices in their products. This ensures consistent quality, providing guaranteed return to its users. A major U.S.P. of these products is that they are free of any microbial contamination or pollution. Catch Spices are packed in various ways, such as cans, polymer- packs of different grades and quantities etc.
We even had a chance to meet the chartered accountant of the Group and had an interactive session with him. He told us about the various terms used in accounting and gave us an extensive orientation. He cleared our doubts regarding CA as a profession and even told us about ways of starting a business or a partnership firm like the DS Group. He even asked us questions regarding what we had enjoyed observing the most and why. I, on behalf of the group, thank my School for providing us with this great opportunity and learning experience.

Kriti Wadhwa, XI-C.

Class 11 Summer internship at NDTV

Between 21st May and 9th June, 2017, two students, Mirambika Mukherjee and Akshat Sharma attended office at NDTV for a fifteen-day internship, to be introduced to electronic journalism. Our job at NDTV was to work as shadows, which means to work under experienced journalists and learn about what they do by observing them through the day.
We worked for a prominent show called “India Matters” under show producers, Ms. Martina Roy and Ms. Priya Thuvassery.
We were warmly received by Ms. Roy on the first day of our internship. We were shown around ‘our workstation’ for the next fortnight. We were then introduced to the team. We also interacted with some college students studying mass-communication and journalism and who were also interning like us. We instantly struck up a friendship!

To get us started, we were shown a few episodes of the programme, ‘India Matters’. We were then given the task to try our hands at a transcript some new episodes.
For the next few days, we were assigned transcription work for the upcoming episodes of the show. We gradually got familiar and work became lots of fun. We were taught to work on sophisticated machines, ingest tapes and work on metadatas. We worked through the technicalities about which we had previously no idea!
Another job we enjoyed doing was sorting tapes as per lists provided to us. Our self-confidence took a big leap as we worked on detailing scripts, offering our inputs and suggestions.
We would be taken to the editing room to watch the final versions of the upcoming episodes too. In our meetings with Ms. Sutapa Deb, senior reporter and anchor of “India Matters”, we gave our suggestions and feedback, which she intently listened to and appreciated.
We worked as Production Assistants for an episode of India Matters-’Save The Sea Cow’. It was heartening to see our names in the credits! The link for the episode on youtube is –

On one of the days, we got an opportunity to go out for a shoot to a certain drug rehabilitation centre. It was a new experience as we witnessed live interviews being taped, conversations with the children etc. It was very exciting.
Much to our dismay, the last day of our internship soon came along! I thought of putting together my new skills by conducting an interview Martina ma’am! She happily obliged and talked about her journey at NDTV. Her feedback on our performance there and her guidance on how we can pursue journalism as a career were invaluable. We met many colleagues, including Mr. Rahul Atri, Vice President-HR etc, before leaving.
Working at NDTV, a prestigious media house , was a dream come true! It was a wonderful experience and all the days we returned home from the office, though exhausted, we felt a feeling of fulfilment. Working in regular office hours, we got a hands-on experience of a professional work environ where we hope to be, in the future.
I would like to thank School with all my heart to have entrusted us with such an opportunity which taught new things in a novel way. We hope to pursue careers in journalism and leave our School proud!

Mirambika Mukherjee.

Summer internship at IIIT DELHI for class 11, (computer science students).

10 students of class 11, (Gitansh Satija, Yash Lamba, Vidhu Verma, Ansh Gupta, Manan Taneja, Samarth Saxena, Utkarsh Pandey, Sukriti Dawar, Aman Narang, and Yasasvini Mani) attended the summer internship programme from 5th to 10th June at the Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology, Delhi. The motive was to familiarise students with the application of various programming languages and the technology underlying cutting edge developments.
On the first day, the students were introduced yo the technical aspects of the functioning of a drone. An interactive session was held to discuss the various applications of UAV’s. The next day, the students attended a session on programming wearables, where they were taught how to use Android Studio to programme fitness bands and smart watches.

On the third day, students participated in another interactive session where the discussion was about social networking. Students were told about various privacy settings and their status on the sites. The next two days were very exciting for the students as they were taught a new programming language called MatLab. Using the language, the group was able to successfully design programmes that calculated complex mathematical equations, plotted graphs, etc. The students were also told how to use the technology to design face trackers.
On the last day, students were familiarised with Android Studio and by the end of the day they were able to create their own app using the software!
It was a wonderful experience for all of us as it taught us a good deal about upcoming and existing technology in the field of IT. Each student received a certificate of appreciation.

Gitansh Satija (XI-A).

Class 11 Biology Summer Internship at Moolchand Medcity.

6 Biology students of class XI B (Nidia Soni, Janis Oberoi, Ishita Gupta, Riya Sandhu, Ronit Vohra and Anushka Chauhan attended a five-day internship programme from 23rd to 27th May, 2017 at Moolchand Hospital. The objective of the internship was to familiarise students with equipment used in speciality hospitals and show
them how medical reports are written. On the first day the group was accompanied by their Biology teacher Ms. Namrata Jit Kaur.


The students had several sessions on mental health where the various psychological and mental illnesses and disabilities were discussed. They were taught how to record case histories and conduct IQ tests. Numerous sessions were held to orient students on how to interact appropriately with patients. Later they were taken to observe the X-ray machine, the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine and the CT scan equipment. The occupational therapist of the hospital shared her experience and spoke about the various techniques used to treat differently- abled children. Technical terminologies were taught and the students actively took part in a role play that helped them recap what they had learnt.
The students were assigned to prepare a presentation on the last day of the training. The internship programme was very useful for our students as it gave them a first-hand exposure of the workings of a hospital.

Class XI B ( Biology).

Glimpse of ITDC Hotel Management

Four students, Gurvandana Gandhi, Sharanya Sai, Prachee Gupta, and Mallika Mukim, with their teacher, Dr. Smriti Singh, assembled at the School reception on 24th June, 2017 for a visit to an ITDC Hotel, the Ashoka, for a Management Guide tour. This was of particular interest to students who are considering Hotel Management for a career.
We were warmly welcomed and walked through the campus, comprising multiple banquet halls, conventional centres and meeting rooms with capacities ranging from 40 to 2000 people! ‘ All one can say is that the management, booking processes, etc. is not as easy a job as it may seem to an outsider! The task is much bigger and more difficult than what it looks like.’ We realised for ourselves that the world of hotels is a combination of different elements, each carefully synchronised with the rest.

Maintaining the functionality of the suites, the kitchens, the main desks, the housekeeping department and all the other areas, calls for a great deal of patience and and calm
temperament. It is especially critical to handle all kinds of ‘guests’ (as hoteliers call their customers) and even tricky situations.
The fruitful tour ended with an interaction with the Head Chef who shared her own journey as an intern in the kitchen department. She was reminded of her first six months in the job where she was assigned only to chop onions! It tool a perseverance and patience to reach her present position, she said.
But no, hotel management is not only about chopping onions and answering guests’ calls with “Yes sir” and “sorry for the inconvenience, ma’am”, it is about the willingness to serve tirelessly, often for long hours etc. We were also explained how CAs and sales’ people have an equally important role to play in the profession.
This tour was an eye opener and we saw first hand how a hotel is run. We never realised before how multi tonged hotel operations are! Stuffed vastly with effort and patience. We also understood that one can’t succeed in a profession such as this without incorporating these two important qualities in lifestyle.
It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

Mallika Mukim.


Summer Internship for psychology students at Moolchand Hospital

From the 23rd to the 27th of May, 2017, five students of our School attended an internship at Moolchand Medcity’s Psychiatry Wing with noted psychologist, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal.
The students were introduced to a variety of experts in different fields of Psychology, ranging from occupational therapists to researchers.
The internship began from the 23rd when in the morning, pleasantries were shared and introductions done. A factor we were informed about on Day One, which we saw implemented daily, was that the space was entirely non-judgemental and dedicated to the holistic learning of students. It was all about the work of psychologists. The day was spent discussing the basics of what a psychologist really does and several case studies at the hospital.
At the end, we spent around an hour discussing the Child Pro forma and the data that needs to be taken to arrive at a diagnosis of a child.
Day 2 began with no lag in the momentum! We students discussed the adult pro forma extensively. After a short break, we had an occupational therapist come and talk to us about what it is like to practically work with and help treat children affected with Cerebral Palsy and Schizophrenia. The day ended with students learning how to conduct an IQ test and learning more about the term ‘IQ’. An IQ questionnaire was discussed extensively and the different levels of questioning were talked about in detail. The process of making a Genogram was discussed as well.
Day 3 began with a role play by the students, one acting as a therapist and the other as the patient. The role play’s purpose was to demonstrate how essential the non verbal cues of a therapist are, and how important it is to have a calm and collected discussion while taking in the case history of a client. After this, our discussion continued on the topic of IQ and what issues can arise from a low IQ. The IQ ranges were also explained. Students were told how low IQ leads to children being either slow learners (IQ between 70-79) or possessing intellectual disability (IQ below 70), as opposed to kids with a normal IQ (between 90-110).

This study was followed by another set of case studies and students were informed of the importance of taking a case history and then working well at it. The occupational therapist then came and continued her discussion, this time on the treatment of Autistic children and how they need extra attention. The crux of the discussion was to show that autistic kids aren’t any different from other children. They just need extra attention, care and understanding to be brought out of their tiny bubble where they tend to feel safest- self absorbed and self involved.
Day 4 started with a long discussion on Expressive Theory and how, through the medium of the different forms of art and dance we can help in the betterment of the emotional state of patients suffering from several diseases. A volunteer from the Ashwin Maharaj Foundation was attending the internship and he enlightened us on the use of music to help cancer patients. The foundation is a non profit organisation that ropes in college students as volunteers to sing in cancer wards at hospitals. These greatly cheer and lift the atmosphere, which in turn helps patients feel better.
After this, we had a presentation on personality disorders and their different kinds. Several case studies were analysed and students were taught the different clusters of these disorders. The day ended with a deep discussion between the students and Dr. Nagpal on what actually makes up the brain and the mind, how they are connected and how the human mind works. The theories of several psychologists were discussed including Freud’s idea of Superego and McNaughton’s Rule which talks of pardoning people with psychological issues, in instances where they commit unlawful acts.
The final day consisted of an hour long session with Dr. Nagpal discussing the history of psychological disorders and how several diseases have co mobility, such as Autism with Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder with substance abuse. The students, with Dr. Nagpal discussed famous psychologists like Hans Eysenk and others who had a large role to play in making psychology, the subject what it is today. A long discussion also took place on the connectivity between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Indian mantra of self actualisation through meditation and Yoga.
The internship was an enriching experience for us and we carried back lots of new knowledge and perspectives of what Psychology entails.
Avantika Chodha, XI-D.

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