Adventure Camp at School Eco Park for Classes 6-8

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An adventure camp was organised on March 28, 2023, at the School eco park for the children of classes VI to VIII. They were accompanied by teachers and staff. The camp was curated to provide the children with one-of-a-kind learning experience through diverse outdoor adventure activities that help them grow confident, resilient, and independent.

The Australian Trolley, Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Tyre Climb, Parallel Rope, Trampoline, Zip Line, and Labyrinth were among the most popular adventure activities. Each action was meant to physically and psychologically challenge the pupils, pushing them to move outside their comfort zone and test their limits.

The Australian Trolley, which entailed traversing a series of obstacles, including the Commando Net and the Burma Bridge were very popular activities. The exercises required students to collaborate, communicate and trust one another, resulting in a strong sense of community within the group. This approach helped students feel empowered and gave them the confidence to take on new challenges.

The camp offered the children an opportunity to learn about sustainable farming in addition to the adventure activities. The city children ‘soiled’ their hands as they picked out ripe produce from the earth as well as off their stems, in great awe and excitement.

Through the camp, the teachers and support staff were vigilant to ensure the safety of the students. It was a memorable experience and the group reluctantly headed back after a hearty fresh farm meal, carrying home fresh veggies for the family.

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