Adventure Camp at School Eco Park for Classes III to V

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School held the annual Adventure Camp for classes 3 to 5 at the School eco park on 27 March 2023. The camp was facilitated by a team of highly trained professionals.

The School eco park is an idyllic farmland situated on the outskirts of Delhi. We set off on our adventure in four comfortable buses which rolled out of the School premises at 8.15 am on a cool, spring morning.

The journey from the bustling city to the soothing countryside was convivial as the farm landscape rejuvenated the spirits of our young city dwellers. The farm was soon visible as the city skyline was left behind. Soon the buildings diminished and farm dwellings – mud and husk huts were visible. The children could also spot the Aravalli hills that as they dug into their snack boxes.

A tour destination, the soft breeze, the fresh smell of foliage and the bracing weather was a great energizer! On arrival at the park, the students were delighted at what met their eyes and embraced the calmness of the place. Rows of the beautifully cultivated beds, heavy with tender green vegetables was indeed a feast to our eyes.

The students were soon segregated into groups under the coordinating activity teacher. Multiple activities were lined up for the children to make it a fun filled learning experience. The enthusiastic children, dressed in their track suits, were ready and raring to go! They were quickly divided into groups of 30. Each group was accompanied by 3 teachers.

The children attempted adventure activities like artificial river crossing, the commando net, commando crawl, tyre climbing, Burma Bridge etc. The objective of the adventure camp was to teach the children to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to try something different. The numerous activities were designed to help the children discover their hidden talents and sharpen their motor skills.

In the artificial river crossing, the children were taught to shed their inhibitions and apprehensions. The Burma Bridge and Commando Net taught them to balance their body weights, whereas manoeuvring through a tunnel like a soldier gave them immense pleasure and made them feel triumphant.

The students walked around and learnt the names of some of the trees on the farm. They were delighted to know that these trees had been planted by their senior peers!

After an exhaustive stint with sports, a hearty lunch was on offer, which motivated them to attempt a few more activities!

As they say, good times must come to an end, so did our day. We picked fresh vegetables and sat in our buses to leave for School. The children and the teachers enjoyed the day. The camp was a doze of energy, enthusiasm, and experiential learning.

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